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KL International School- KLIS is the first and only American-style education school for foreigners' children approved by Chongqing Education Commission. As a non-profit kindergarten to high school consistent school, KLIS aims to cultivate students with innovative spirit, sense of cooperation and learning quality, so that they can actively respond to the challenges of a changing world and become qualified global citizens and ideological leaders.
The 3rd KLIS English Speech Competition ended perfectly!

Thursday 20th of May 2021 | Campus Life

On May 15th, the final of 3rd KLIS English Speech Competition was successfully held at Shin Kong Place, where the finalists from different schools gave wonderful speeches and attracted hundreds of audiences to watch.

The participants were divided into four groups according to their ages and focused on two topics, "Why I love my family?" and" What an adult can learn from a child?"

After nearly two months of preliminary and final rounds, a total of 22 students were selected by the judging panel for the final round.

Judges' line-up

Dino Gisiano, Principal of KLIS

Austin Finnerty, Manager of Deloitte GDC Deloitte Global Delivery Center


The judges recognized and praised the participantsperformance. Mr.Dino, the Principal of KLIS, said that the children's performance in the competition was surprising, which is closely related to their usual efforts, and he also appreciated the support from their parents.

As a real international school, KLIS attaches great importance to studentslanguage skills. At KLIS, project-based learning replaces traditional learning, which means that students need to do researches as per a project and finally present the results in a presentation. Abundant presentation opportunities for students can help them fully develop their expression skills. The annual KLIS English Speech Competition also aims to provide a platform for students to express themselves and create more opportunities for students to communicate with each other.

Big Thanks to the Co-Organizers and Sponsors

The final of this competition is co-organized by Fantasy Academy, which adheres to the philosophy helping children learn English happily by using dramas and plays. And through the curriculum of theme-based teaching, the Academy guides students to direct and play in the dramas or plays that interest them most, which is aligned with the Academys philosophy of providing personalized and customized English training to each student and giving them more opportunities to express themselves on stage.

Scholastic Corporation sponsored original edition of English books as prizes to the participants. Founded in 1920 in New York City, Scholastic Corp. is a leading publisher and distributor of children's books and multimedia educational products worldwide. Each year, Scholastic publishes more than 350 million books in 45 different languages in 167 countries, and has published many of the world's best-selling and award-winning children's books, for example, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Clifford the Big Red Dog, The Magic School Bus, Goosebumps, I Spy, Captain Underpants, Dog Man and No,David! , etc.

Also, we would like to express big thanks to the sponsorship from One Hundred Million Dental Clinic. One Hundred Million Dental Clinic was founded in 2018 and is headquartered on the third floor of Xinzhou Sunshine Commercial Area in Yubei District. In order to solve patients' different oral problems, Chongqing One Hundred Million Dental Clinic specializes in minimally invasive implants, orthodontics, cosmetic dental restoration, periodontal treatment, pediatric dentistry, oral health consultation and other integrated treatment programs.

KL International School KLIS is the first and only American-style school for educating the children of foreigners approved by Chongqing Education Commission.

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