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KL International School- KLIS is the first and only American-style education school for foreigners' children approved by Chongqing Education Commission. As a non-profit kindergarten to high school consistent school, KLIS aims to cultivate students with innovative spirit, sense of cooperation and learning quality, so that they can actively respond to the challenges of a changing world and become qualified global citizens and ideological leaders.
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Friday 8th of May 2020 | News

"Tell me and I forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I understand."


As it continues to develop, KLIS has become the Private International School alternative more and more families are now turning to for their children, and ever since its establishment, it has rapidly grown into an American-style international school with a certain popularity in Chongqing and even Southwest China.

As the first and only American-style education school for foreigners' children approved by Chongqing Education Commission, KLIS is a non-profit kindergarten to high school consistent school.

The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places youll go.

Dr. Seuss 


International Education Atmosphere

When entering KLIS, the first thing you will see in here are the national flags of countries from around the world, and the students speaking fluent English.  At KLIS embracing world cultures is a daily activity.  We celebrate students and families from around the world. It is through this celebration students learn from each other and also learn to understand and value the rich Chinese culture that surrounds us.

KLIS implements a specialized US-based college preparatory curriculum and pedagogy to engage all age groups. The KLIS US-based approach includes learning initiatives such as STEAM and PBL.  Over 90% of our foreign teachers come from the United States. We communicate with parents daily and cooperate closely to work out a set of personalized and customized learning plans for students to develop in an all-round way.

KLIS teaches students to understand their own learning process. Students work with teachers to manage and track their personalized learning goals.  Along with highly qualified teachers, lesson plans and activities, KLIS uses research validated State-of-the-Art learning technology to further support students.  Families also see how their child is growing and comparing to other students of the same age from around the world with the use of the international assessment system MAP.

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.

Margaret Mead


Interest-driven Growth  

KLIS enables a strict Small Class Sizepolicy with 17 students per class max, which enables a student-centered approach and provides teachers the space and time needed to respond to each students needs.  Through online communication, our School Information System, and one-on-one parent meetings, parents can track their children's learning and progress in real time.

KLIS provides personalized instruction at all levels so that students can reach academic goals and grow at every level.

Our Lower Primary classrooms are lively and active spaces that respect and reflect the social, emotional, and cognitive needs of young learners. Literacy and Math are at the core of all of our daily lessons.  

Our Middle School program builds an important foundation for future learning and life by motivating our students to rise to new levels of social and intellectual maturity and responsibility. Persuasive and research writing are taught throughout Middle School.   

In our High School program, we cultivate studentsindependence and prepare them for career planning and college entrance. In High School we help students understand ones own interests, aptitudes and abilities, and to develop and reflect upon personal goals with aspirations for further studies and future career.  At KLIS we create a culture of high expectations that motivates students to achieve at high level at every grade level.  


The Path to Advancement

Our transcripts and diplomas are accepted worldwide. Students who graduate from our school can apply for first-class universities all over the world, including Hong Kong, China. Foreign students can also apply to Tsinghua University, Peking University, and universities in various provinces and cities in China, etc.

We cooperate with the top private schools in North America to support the transfer of junior and senior high schools. Transcripts of our school is also applicable to secondary schools in European and Asian countries.

Academic integrity and whole-child education are the cornerstones of our college entrance and the most important admissions rules of top universities.

Seats limited!

2020-2021 Application Starts Now!  Parents/guardians are able to enjoy 5% early bird discount on Tuition Fees before June 15, and we look forward to your consultation!

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KL International School KLIS is the first and only American-style school for educating the children of foreigners approved by Chongqing Education Commission.

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