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KL International School- KLIS is the first and only American-style education school for foreigners' children approved by Chongqing Education Commission. As a non-profit kindergarten to high school consistent school, KLIS aims to cultivate students with innovative spirit, sense of cooperation and learning quality, so that they can actively respond to the challenges of a changing world and become qualified global citizens and ideological leaders.
Anti-epidemic doctor stationed to KLIS after the inspection

Friday 17th of April 2020 | News

On April 16, the inspection team from the Yubei District Education Committee and the Yubei District No. 2 People's Hospital visited KLIS to check on the prevention and control and the preparatory work for the school year. Beginning later this month, KLIS teachers and students will go back to school in batches in different grades. During the semester, doctors from designated hospitals will be stationed at the school to provide guidance to ensure the health and safety of all teachers and students.


Principal Dino, and principal assistant and operations director Zhou Wan led to receive the inspection team, and made work reports on the school's prevention and control system, emergency plan, establishment of health records for teachers and students, medical equipment, preparation of epidemic prevention materials, and setting of in-school isolation points etc.


The inspection team visited around the campus, inquired and checked the details and emergency plan for the resumption of classes, and learned about the health track of teachers, students and parents, as well as the arrangements for entering the school, attending classes, having lunch, and leaving the school. At the same time, it also put forward specific guidance on some details.


In the meanwhile, the inspection team focused on the school canteen and isolation observation room and gave full affirmation to the school's disinfection and sterilization work, Logo preparation, safety tips and so on.


On the afternoon of April 16, the inspection team of No. 2 People's Hospital of Yubei District also came to KLIS for epidemic prevention inspection. The inspection team led by President Xiong Juan and section chief Chen Feng mainly inspected the school clinic, classrooms, canteen and isolation observation room, and gave professional guidance on many details.Meanwhile, starting next week, they will send a doctor to our school.


The No. 2 People's Hospital of Yubei District, as the designated hospital of KLIS during the period of epidemic prevention and control, will assign a doctor to the school from next week to provide professional guidance on the epidemic prevention and control work and comprehensively guarantee the health of KLIS staff in school.


The arrival of anti-epidemic doctors not only increases the staff for the school's epidemic prevention and control work, but also provides the school with professional medical guidance and support, so that teachers, students and parents feel at ease about the school's resumption of classes.


In the school clinic, the inspection team carefully reviewed the school safety procedures, health records of the epidemic situation of teachers and students, records of disinfection and sterilization work, and other work management systems. They later walked into each classroom to check the ventilation, desk setting, disinfection, and other conditions, and were relieved by KLIS's small class teaching approach. After that, the inspection team checked the isolation observation room, the canteen, and the epidemic prevention materials reserve, and gave detailed guidance and suggestions for situations in case of occurrence (such as fever symptoms of students after the start of school).

After the inspection, the inspection team highly affirmed the overall epidemic prevention and control work of our school, praised the school for its scientific overall deployment, clear prevention and control process and intelligent management, which are worthy of the trust of teachers, students and parents.

KL International School KLIS is the first and only American-style school for educating the children of foreigners approved by Chongqing Education Commission.

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