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KL International School- KLIS is the first and only American-style education school for foreigners' children approved by Chongqing Education Commission. As a non-profit kindergarten to high school consistent school, KLIS aims to cultivate students with innovative spirit, sense of cooperation and learning quality, so that they can actively respond to the challenges of a changing world and become qualified global citizens and ideological leaders.
KLIS Students to Join the World Earth Day Publicity Campaign

Friday 17th of April 2020 | News

On April 22, 2020, National Geographic and Disney will join various global conservation organizations, explorers, and photographers to launch the "World Earth Day 50 Endangered Species Conservation" publicity campaign.


As a Chinese National Geographic explorer, Xing Ba, has been working with lions in the wild in Africa for 10 years. He has also been a representative for African lions, increasing awareness and calling on the international community to pay attention to and protect them.


Nature Guardian Wildlife Conversation Center invites domestic and international partners to publish relevant video, audio and graphic content on multiple platforms.

Organizers will recruit 50 teenagers from around the world to read the story "I am a lion cub." KLIS has been invited to take part in the event, which will involve students working together to create "lion cubs" and record audio works.


Wildlife Story Hour  

I'm a lion cub. I live with my dad, my mom, my brothers, sisters, and other lions. Mom is very gentle to us, dad is a little serious, but they will take care of us together and raise us up. We sleep for a long time every day, only when it's dark we will be more active. The food that lions need mainly depends on my mom and aunts to go hunting, but sometimes the hunting fails, and we will be hungry. Dad's job is to protect our pride from being harmed. If there are strange lions or spotted hyenas to invade, dad will not hesitate to step forward. We seem to be very strong on the grassland. Many animals are scared of us, but we are still afraid of elephants, buffalos, and humans. Human beings have weapons and can run very well. I heard from my Mom that they are very powerful and dangerous. Lions should stay away from them. I hope we lions can live in peace with men.

I am...(name)  Please join us to watch nature and protect wild animals from extinction.

Way of participation

Please read the above text (in your native language: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Portuguese...), and send the recorded audio files to your teacher within April 20, 2020.

You will get

Students who send the audio will receive the electronic version of "Nature Guardian Medal" issued by the Nature Guardian Wildlife Conversation Center.  

KL International School KLIS is the first and only American-style school for educating the children of foreigners approved by Chongqing Education Commission.

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