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KL International School- KLIS is the first and only American-style education school for foreigners' children approved by Chongqing Education Commission. As a non-profit kindergarten to high school consistent school, KLIS aims to cultivate students with innovative spirit, sense of cooperation and learning quality, so that they can actively respond to the challenges of a changing world and become qualified global citizens and ideological leaders.
We’re Ready!

Friday 3rd of April 2020 | News

Up to now, no confirmed or suspected cases have been reported among all the faculty and students at KLIS. We wish everyone stays healthy and safe.

Spring is in the air, and the fight against COVID-19 has scored initial success in China. Although the school opening date has not yet been finalized, the KLIS faculty is fully prepared. By always keeping epidemic prevention in place, we cant wait for you to come back.  

Campus safety without dead end

1. School Gate  

Disinfect, wear mask, take temperature and register with real name to ensure the safety of personnel in and out.

2. Bathroom

The seven-step hand washing guide reminds everyone to wash hands with soap, sanitizer, and disinfectant.

3. Teaching Building, Playground  

Disinfect once a day before school starts.


We always think more about the cleaning and disinfection of the dining area, the purchase and inspection of food materials, and the management rules of the dining way.


Full coverage of epidemic publicity

Home school communication group

School faculty communication group

In-campus posters

Supplies for epidemic prevention are ready

Supplies such as masks, gloves and disinfectant are prepared for all staff and students to return to school. Here, I would like to express my special thanks to the organizations and people who donated materials in the early stage.



Faculty members are also epidemic fighters

A special prevention and control safety team will be set up with a specially assigned leader and person in charge, reporting to the superior administrative department on a daily basis.


The staff shall organize interdepartmental study, summarize the situation and communicate with each other regularly to ensure the implementation of epidemic prevention measures.


We strictly carry out temperature check in the morning and afternoon.


Let’s look forward to an early termination of the epidemic and meeting with each other soon!

KL International School KLIS is the first and only American-style school for educating the children of foreigners approved by Chongqing Education Commission.

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