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Art Teacher

Graduated from Southwest University of Chongqing, Ms. Ann holds the International Senior Art Teacher Qualification Certificate. As an ardent lover of art, Ms. Ann is always active in art education and excels at creative art teaching for primary and secondary school students, which includes gouache, canvas stick, line drawing, animation, illustration, dotting, sketch etc. She has five years of teaching experience in international schools.

As an art teacher, Ms. Ann has been devoting herself to children’s education. She once worked with overseas Chinese educators in Singapore to develop and launch preschool education schools focusing on children aged 6-12, trying to add multiple art courses to Preschool Learning and encourage English learning in various art activities. 

Ms. Ann believes that in the international educational environment, art will constantly change, and each student's own perspective of learning and observation is unique. Also, children will give different artistic inspiration to each other, and their imagination and creativity will enlighten sparkles with different artistic representations, therefore, Ms. Ann's class is always changing and updating with more creativity and fun. 

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