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Our leadership is transforming international education by infusing problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and cultural literacy into every student’s classroom experience. With faculty and administrators who care deeply about creating a community of learners, leaders, and global citizens, KLIS is paving the way for an innovative new education.

Upper Primary

Mr. Austin has been a full-time teacher for 12 years (which includes 3 years in the Middle School IB Program) and a subbing teacher for 4 years in the USA.  He has been here at KLIS since 2018-2019.

He was born and raised in the state of Texas, USA and has lived in different parts of it, San Antonio being the latest city.  He attended the University of Houston, in Houston where he received his college degree in Management Information Systems in Business.  After volunteering at Sunday School for his local church, he realized the joy of working with children and feeling that he could contribute, he began the process of being certified in the state of Texas. After passing all tests on the first attempts, Mr. Saenz became certified by the Texas State Board of Education as a Generalist for grades 4th through 8th in 2003. This means he is Highly Qualified to teach any subject for those grades. Because of his love of Math, he also took and passed the Math Certification Test for Grades 4th – 8th in 2016. He has numerous training certificates and received certification in the IB Middle Years Program.

A couple of years ago he realized the dream of working overseas could be a possibility and he set out to accomplish this goal and then reached that goal.

Mr. Austin, as his students refer to him, has always loved the interaction between teacher and student as he builds the trust and relationships that will contribute to student growth.


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